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If you want an efficient, effective full body workout that you can do anywhere, as opposed to long sessions in the gym then this is the place for you to come and learn how to train safely and effectively with kettlebells. Kettlebells  focuses on improving speed, strength, power, cardio, flexibility, core and back strength. 

You will feel stronger within a few sessions, you are working the full body and your work outs are half the time they used to be. Classes are short and intense and you burn maximum calories.

This is a fun and functional way to train and all the movements used promote correct body posture and movement. With a big focus on core strength, this training helps strengthen muscles that are constantly under stress or at risk of injury.

Kettlebell training can be done anywhere. All you need is your body and a kettlebell. In all our classes we incorporate Hardstyle Kettlbells, Pilates, good warm ups and cool downs which minimizes any risk of injury. You leave the class with a great feeling of well being, which helps you deal with what ever life throws at you! Healthy Body = Healthy mind.


Our head trainer Didier Bouic has represented Ireland in Kettlebell sport (Girevoy sport) and incorporates some of this training into his classes.