Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

0630 - 2100


0900 - 1200

085 1721118


January Class Zoom Links

Thank you for joining our online membership, please use links below to sign into your class. All classes h individual  codes.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday
7 am Strength & Conditioning (weight training and high intensity training)

Meeting ID: 858 8226 7752

Monday &  Friday
9 am Strength & Tone (full body work out all levels welcome)

Meeting ID: 820 2255 0807

Monday evening 6 pm & Wednesday morning 9 am  Pilates  (all levels)

Meeting ID: 837 5246 2432

Monday & Wednesday 
7 pm  H.I.I.T Class ( High intensity interval training using body weight & weights. All levels welcome)

Meeting ID: 890 5102 6204

Tuesday & Thursday 
1 pm Lunchtime Fitness (all levels)

Meeting ID: 825 8572 4083

10 am Cardio Conditioning ( 60 min non stop cardio interval training all levels welcome)

Meeting ID: 867 0008 4763

9.30 am Foam roll & Stretch ( Injury prevention, mobility and stretching techniques to improve movement and ease muscle and joint pain)

Meeting ID: 881 7540 4804


2021 Online Class Membership

Monday January 4th 2021 is the start of our new online class timetable. 
For January we will have 14 live classes per week plus our recorded sessions available for you at any time.
For those familiar with classes, January features the return of the Sunday Stretch and foam rolling which has been absent while Covid restrictions eased.
We now have evening fitness classes available on Monday and Wednesday as well as lunch time classes on Tuesday and Thursday.

Our new fee is €40 per month 3 month subscription
or €50 per 1 month signup.

Class timetable for January 2021 ( Please be aware that class days and times can change month to month due to Lockdown measures easing or increasing)

7am - Strength & Conditioning (Resistance Training )
9am - Tone & Strength ( All Levels Resistance and Cardio Training)
6pm - Pilates Mat work ( All levels)
7pm - HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training for all levels)
1pm - Lunchtime Fitness (45 min Fitness Class all levels)
7am - Strength & Conditioning (Resistance Training )
9am - Tone & Strength ( All Levels Resistance and Cardio Training)
7pm - HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training for all levels)
1pm - Lunchtime Fitness
7am - Strength & Conditioning (Resistance Training )
9am - Tone & Strength ( All Levels Resistance and Cardio Training)
10am - Cardio Conditioning 
10 am - Foam Roll and Mobility

DFC work with a variety of sports teams to provide strength and conditioning programs to suit their needs. We have worked with teams from a variety of backgrounds including Tennis, GAA, Swimming, Rugby, Squash, Badminton, Triathlon and Soccer. We work with both adult and underage teams.  We develop the basics of mobility and stability for athletes starting from a base level.

We assess all participants and then lay out a program for a minimum of 6 weeks.  We aim to improve all aspects of athletic performance with a focus on producing a well rounded robust athlete . Athletes will become faster and stronger using a wide range of training.

This training can be for pre-season, a set time or throughout the season. We can provide an individualised plan by squad member for season long customers.

4 key characteristics of the modern day athlete; SPEED, POWER, STRENGTH & AGILITY

We have a timetable of a minimum of 10 online classes per week including Pilates, Strength & Conditioning, foam rolling/stretching and High intensity fitness.

Our classes are delivered via Zoom and can be viewed easily on a phone, tablet, PC or smart tv.

If you would like a trial then send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or message us through any of our social media channels.

Our teenage fitness programs emphasize correct technique and safety. While we will improve their strength and conditioning in the short term we also want to make sure they understand the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle and injury prevention. We offer both programs for individuals and through teenage fitness classes.

We work with all levels of teen fitness including elite sports teenage teams, individuals looking to improve athletic performance and weight loss for teens.

For individuals, we start with 3 private individual sessions (€100) to access fitness, movement and teach fundamental exercises for beginners. After this we can offer a drop in rate for teenagers of €8 per session.
Every session is supervised and written up for your child so he /she can progress safely.
Teenagers can come to the gym from 4-6 pm, Monday - Friday.
We have found this works best and have seen some great changes in energy, posture , movement and overall fitness.
If you would like to book your child in for the fundamentals please let us know and we would happy to get started ASAP.

Contact us today to sign up.