Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

0630 - 2100


0900 - 1200

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Our gym is open with some restrictions in place. Some personal training slots and programmed training is available.

Our online classes will continue in July/August and Niall will be holding his Monday and Wednesday outdoor sessions to there is plenty to keep you busy.

If you would like any specific information please send us an email or contact Didier 085 172 1118.

To pay for 4 weeks of online Zoom classes for €30 you can use the link below. You will receive all details and any required access codes within 24 hours.

You will have access to a minimum 10 classes per week.

From August we will be moving to a new price structure as some people move to in person classes as well as online.


STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING  (Medium – High Intensity)
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7 am
Start your mornings with our Strength and Conditioning class aimed to build full body strength with body weight exercises. If you have some weight, add them in for an even harder workout. Each class will have some high intensity exercises to work up a sweat as well and keep those fitness levels up.

STRENGTH AND TONE (Low to Medium Intensity)
Monday and Friday 9 am
Low impact fitness based class aimed to build full body strength, tone muscles and improve core strength.

Tuesday and Thursday 7 pm and Saturday 10 am
Our Tuesday and Thursday classes focus on building strength and power  with a small bit of cardio to finish the class, while our Saturday morning class is our High intensity Cardio based class aimed to work up a big sweat to start the weekend.

PILATES (Low Intensity)
Monday 6 pm, Wednesday 9 am , Friday 6 pm
Improve flexibility, mobility and core strength in our Pilates classes. Low intensity classes that will help you relieve some of the stress we are all experiencing these days.

Sunday 9.30 am
After a tough week of training, our Sunday morning class is aimed to loosen out all those tight muscles from all the workouts, improve flexibility & mobility and feel great for the week of classes to come.


DFC is a personal training studio and gym located at the Galway Lawn Tennis club in Salthill. As well as personal training we run fitness classes, pilates, kettlebell classes and specialised group training for golfers, tennis players and sports teams. We focus on functional fitness, strength and conditioning and flexibility for all ages. Our clients range from competitive weightlifters to 80 year olds looking for stay flexible and healthy. We offer a very personal, high quality, premium service.
We also offer sports massage for muscular imbalances and sports injuries. What sets us apart is our caring, one-to-one approach and our knowledge of anatomy and injuries. We spend time with each client assessing their anatomy and history and our programs focus on exercise specific to the individual's needs. The DFC team is led by Didier Bouic who is a World silver medalist, European and national gold medalist in kettlebell lifting.
DFC is also home to the West Coast ketllebell club coached by Didier.

Our teenage fitness programs emphasize correct technique and safety. While we will improve their strength and conditioning in the short term we also want to make sure they understand the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle and injury prevention.