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Monday to Friday

0630 - 2100


0900 - 1200

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Online Classes and Update

Our gym is open with some restrictions in place. Personal training, programmed sessions and some small group classes are taking place.

Our online classes continue throughout October, November & December and Niall will be holding his Monday and Wednesday outdoor sessions so there is plenty to keep you busy.

If you would like any specific information please send us an email or contact Didier 085 172 1118.

€30 for 4 weeks of classes

Signup for €30 per month for three months with Gocardless



Online class schedule
7 am Strength & Conditioning (weight training and high intensity training)
9 am Strength & Tone (full body work out all levels welcome)
6 pm Pilates  (all levels)

1 pm Lunchtime Fitness (all levels)
7 pm Body-weight Interval Training ( High intensity interval training only using body weight)

7 am Strength & Conditioning
9 am  Pilates

1 pm Lunchtime Fitness
7 pm Body-weight Interval Training

7 am Strength & Conditioning
9 am Strength & Tone

10 am Cardio Blast ( 60 min non stop cardio interval training all levels welcome)

Schedule subject to change


DFC is a personal training studio and gym located at the Galway Lawn Tennis club in Salthill. As well as personal training we run fitness classes, pilates, kettlebell classes and specialised group training for golfers, tennis players and sports teams. We focus on functional fitness, strength and conditioning and flexibility for all ages. Our clients range from competitive weightlifters to 80 year olds looking for stay flexible and healthy. We offer a very personal, high quality, premium service.
We also offer sports massage for muscular imbalances and sports injuries. What sets us apart is our caring, one-to-one approach and our knowledge of anatomy and injuries. We spend time with each client assessing their anatomy and history and our programs focus on exercise specific to the individual's needs. The DFC team is led by Didier Bouic who is a World silver medalist, European and national gold medalist in kettlebell lifting.
DFC is also home to the West Coast ketllebell club coached by Didier.

Our teenage fitness programs emphasize correct technique and safety. While we will improve their strength and conditioning in the short term we also want to make sure they understand the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle and injury prevention.